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about of office

- Classic acupuncture

- Injections of trigger points

- Magnetic-laser therapy

- Ozonotherapy

- Intravenous laser irradiation of blood

- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

- Intravenous and intramuscular injections

- Therapeutic and sports massage

the examination is important if you suffer  from

you complain of chronic low back ,neck pain
you are afraid of numbness in your hands
sometimes you have dizziness
weakness and pain in the limbs
disorientation in space
muscle cramps
impaired memory and attention
and may be panic attacks and depression

The office is a project neurologist in private practice.  Officially it was opened in June 2012. Located in the central area of the capital, Nicosia. Easy access from the highway to the office, as well as from other parts of the city. Nearby there are a convenient free parking. Office is located on the ground floor, there is an additional input for patients using wheelchairs. Terms of office and equipment can be treated in the style of "day care.”

Neurologist at the initial consultation asks you about the problems with the state of health, conduct a full medical examination, mark the initial diagnosis and determine the amount of required additional diagnostics. In the case of acute illness neurologist prescribe treatment until the results of tests to stabilize. Also neurologist will determine the need for emergency or planned hospitalization.

during the visit

tel +357-99405718

Cyprus, Nicosia

office of

value. quality care. confidential.

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